How to Enjoy Home Service Massage

When you order for a massage at home or in your hotel, you are supposed to actually enjoy. But many people don’t know how to.

You have decided to order for a full body massage therapy session. But you do not have the luxury of time or energy to go to a spa for it. So, you decide to have the service delivered to your home, hotel or office. Of course, you already know which firm will deliver the best massage therapist to your location.

You have also decided whether you want a male or a female massage therapist. You have made your choice.

The next thing to do is to ensure that you enjoy the massage session.

The following factors will help with that;

1. Free Yourself

Many clients tend to put effort into keeping their hands or legs up when the therapist raises them up to work on them. There is no use for this. The therapist is trained to handle the weight of your hands and of your legs while working on them. That includes when they lift your head up. Let go of yourself. Pretend like you are not there. In fact, doze off like a child.

2. Keep valuables away

Imagine wondering if your gold bracelet is safe while getting a massage. Or if the dollar bills you kept on the table will reduce at the time the therapist is done. There is no need for that stress. Simply keep your valuables away as soon as you book the session. In that way, your mind will not keep going to those things. Again, if the therapist is not coming from Kazmani, they might be a thief. So, its better to be careful.

3. Ensure the kids and other distractions are away

Keep the kids and all pets away if you want to enjoy a home service pampering session of massage. Either have a relative babysit the children or invite a nanny. Alternatively, send them away from the house. If there are any pets in the picture, have them fed before your session. One very effective way our clients have escaped distraction is by having their session in a hotel. There are many hotels in which you can pay per hour.

4. Tick your To-do List

Is there any nagging item on your To-do list? Have it started, completed or delegated while waiting for your massage therapist. Starting that task will give you a sense of satisfaction from knowing in your subconscious that the task is not abandoned. Completing it will give you the satisfaction that you actually deserve the massage session. Delegating it gives you the peace in knowing that the task is being handled by someone with some level of competence.

5. Keep your phones away

Phones are the worst hindrances to enjoying a good massage. Almost all our clients have this issue. Your massage will not be as effective as it should be if you respond to all notifications that pop up on your phone. Therefore, you should put your phone on silent mode and respond to missed calls and messages after your rejuvenating session. Moreover, the light rays from the phone are not good for your eyes during a massage.

6. Book early enough

This is a very important factor when booking a massage in Lagos. This is a very busy city and traffic can be sometimes unpredictable. In order to avoid the stress of checking your wristwatch again and again because a therapist is running late, book early. For instance, even though we have a one-hour booking notice, clients who book way ahead are happier and more relaxed.


Your next session will be more relaxing and therapeutic if you consider these factors before your next massage booking. Do not forget that the phone numbers to use when you need to order a massage are 08126183656 and 08140452514. They are both WhatsApp enabled.

Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

Premium mobile massage service providers, has announced a training for upcoming massage therapists in Abuja. The announcement was made via the company’s Instagram account last week. According to the post, the company intends to help intending trainees to train to become professional massage therapists who are making up to 6 figure income on a monthly basis.

According to,

Do you want to become a massage therapist and make up to 6 figure income monthly? Simply apply by sending “MTAbj”, your name, age and location to 08126183656 (WhatsApp). No calls allowed, please.
Requirement: – good command of English Language. – good looks.
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The Abuja Massage Therapy Training Schedule

The training is scheduled to hold for two weeks. The massage therapy training in Abuja is an intensive classroom plus practical programme. It is usually a very rigorous programme in which candidates are made to learn Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy alongside other very important massage stuff that makes massage sessions what they should be – rejuvenating and relaxing!

Best Candidates will be employed

The candidates distinguish themselves during the rigorous programme will gain automatic employment by But that comes with a very important condition. They must commit to being a part of’s continuous learning system that ensures that massage therapists keep developing their skills on the job.

“This development is good news for Abuja residents. Before now, operations in Abuja have been efficient,” Kingsley Aigbona, a representative of the company said. “With this new development, operations will become smoother and more people will be served. Operations may also become available for 24 hours, seven days a week.”

Venue of the Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

The training will hold in a seminar room in a hotel in the central business district of the Federal Capital Territory. To register for the Massage Therapy Training in Abuja, candidates are expected to send “MTAbj”, name, age and location to 08126183656 (WhatsApp). No calls are allowed.

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