Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

Premium mobile massage service providers, has announced a training for upcoming massage therapists in Abuja. The announcement was made via the company’s Instagram account last week. According to the post, the company intends to help intending trainees to train to become professional massage therapists who are making up to 6 figure income on a monthly basis.

According to,

Do you want to become a massage therapist and make up to 6 figure income monthly? Simply apply by sending “MTAbj”, your name, age and location to 08126183656 (WhatsApp). No calls allowed, please.
Requirement: – good command of English Language. – good looks.
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The Abuja Massage Therapy Training Schedule

The training is scheduled to hold for two weeks. The massage therapy training in Abuja is an intensive classroom plus practical programme. It is usually a very rigorous programme in which candidates are made to learn Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy alongside other very important massage stuff that makes massage sessions what they should be – rejuvenating and relaxing!

Best Candidates will be employed

The candidates distinguish themselves during the rigorous programme will gain automatic employment by But that comes with a very important condition. They must commit to being a part of’s continuous learning system that ensures that massage therapists keep developing their skills on the job.

“This development is good news for Abuja residents. Before now, operations in Abuja have been efficient,” Kingsley Aigbona, a representative of the company said. “With this new development, operations will become smoother and more people will be served. Operations may also become available for 24 hours, seven days a week.”

Venue of the Massage Therapy Training in Abuja

The training will hold in a seminar room in a hotel in the central business district of the Federal Capital Territory. To register for the Massage Therapy Training in Abuja, candidates are expected to send “MTAbj”, name, age and location to 08126183656 (WhatsApp). No calls are allowed.

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