Choose a male or female therapist to show up at your location to give you professional massage session. Choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Aromatherapy or simply a Relaxing Massage. If you are not sure of which to pick, a short interview session with our professional therapist will enable you to be very sure.

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We will send you either a therapist or two, depending on what you want. If it is one therapist, he or she will massage each individual one after the other. The therapist will spend exactly 2 hours with you. If you need 2 therapists, you get the service simultaneously inĀ 1 hour.

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This is perfect for the high taste lady who wants to indulge in body pamper. The waxing leaves behind a beautiful supple glowing skin while the massage relaxes her nerves after the waxing.

It is ideal for the gentleman who visits the pool-side often. Flaunting a beautifully waxed skin on which the remaining hair looks artistic will get some pleasant glances from the special species.

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We all know how stressful it is to go through a wedding. This package is the perfect wedding gift. Stress can ruin a honeymoon if not eliminated or managed well and many people are not skilled at managing it. Thankfully, we don”t bother to manage stress – we eliminate it with our Massage Therapy sessions.

In this package, we will give the newly wedded couple a relaxing and stress relieving full body massage.

Buy this for your friend as a wedding gift. We will go to wherever they are in Lagos.

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